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Rank:  1
Votes:   1040
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Rank:  2
Votes:   820
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Rank:  3
Votes:   507
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"Kitty B"

Rank:  4
Votes:   500
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Rank:  5
Votes:   420
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Rank:  6
Votes:   400
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Rank:  6
Votes:   400
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"Miss Kitty"

Rank:  6
Votes:   400
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Rank:  9
Votes:   386
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Rank:  10
Votes:   380
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Rank:  11
Votes:   376
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Rank:  12
Votes:   375
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/7004thumb.jpg View
"Piper May"

Rank:  13
Votes:   367
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Rank:  14
Votes:   365
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/7285thumb.jpg View
"Jasmine, Benny, and Lina"

Rank:  15
Votes:   350
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Rank:  15
Votes:   350
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Rank:  17
Votes:   295
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Rank:  18
Votes:   235
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Rank:  18
Votes:   235
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Rank:  20
Votes:   185
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/7245thumb.jpg View

Rank:  21
Votes:   173
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/7323thumb.jpg View
"Kami and Kita"

Rank:  22
Votes:   170
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/7013thumb.jpg View
"Ekko & Piper May"

Rank:  23
Votes:   132
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/6878thumb.jpg View

Rank:  24
Votes:   125
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/6876thumb.jpg View

Rank:  25
Votes:   120
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/6877thumb.jpg View

Rank:  25
Votes:   120
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/7315thumb.jpg View

Rank:  27
Votes:   111
/Images/uploads/Humane Society of Utah/HSUCalendar2019/entries/6951thumb.jpg View
"Sophie Myrtle "

Rank:  28
Votes:   105

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