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/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3687.jpg View
Rank: 1
Votes:  2810
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3705.jpg View
Koda Skye
Rank: 2
Votes:  2705
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3708.jpg View
Camille Niello
Rank: 3
Votes:  2040
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3721.jpg View
Enoon Mai
Rank: 4
Votes:  1190
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3733.jpg View
Dutchess Von Tess
Rank: 5
Votes:  290
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3701.jpg View
Rank: 6
Votes:  280
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3691.jpg View
Ashley Lewis
Rank: 7
Votes:  175
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3686.jpg View
Little Jamie
Rank: 8
Votes:  132
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3693.jpg View
Jessica Friesen
Rank: 9
Votes:  114
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3726.jpg View
Rank: 10
Votes:  90
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3731.jpg View
Your Friendly Neighborhood Freak
Rank: 10
Votes:  90
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3717.jpg View
Anneliese Rose
Rank: 12
Votes:  40
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3689.jpg View
Kim NY Taylor (Spooky Girl FX)
Rank: 12
Votes:  40
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3696.jpg View
Amanda Lorz
Rank: 14
Votes:  30
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3697.jpg View
Skarlet Fever
Rank: 14
Votes:  30
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3730.jpg View
Crazy Gracie
Rank: 14
Votes:  30
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3719.jpg View
Emily Lange
Rank: 17
Votes:  26
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3732.jpg View
Andria Starling
Rank: 18
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3723.jpg View
Sam Manila
Rank: 18
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3700.jpg View
Princess Bloodercup
Rank: 20
Votes:  20
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3714.jpg View
Jaymie Sanfilippo-Sherrard
Rank: 21
Votes:  15
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3702.jpg View
Cat LaBruce
Rank: 22
Votes:  11
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3729.jpg View
Felicia Just
Rank: 23
Votes:  10
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3724.jpg View
Miss Mars
Rank: 24
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3727.jpg View
Talia Minty (Danielle Hope-Lynn)
Rank: 24
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3728.jpg View
The Dream Master
Rank: 24
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3706.jpg View
Lola Ebola
Rank: 24
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/Sacramento Horror Film Festival/horrorgirl2017/entries/3707.jpg View
Taylor Meyers
Rank: 24
Votes:  5

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