We ask that you please submit photos of yourself or others with the traveling hat!

Entries will be accepted until 8:00PM on September 24, 2017Voting will take place until 5:30PM on September 25, 2017Entry is free, and each vote is $1 with a minimum of 5 votes.  All proceeds will benefit Bon Secours Community Works.

The photo with the most votes will receive a one-of-a-kind prize, which will be announced at the On the Green Golf Outing Reception on the evening of September 25, 2017.

­­A submitted photo hereby authorizes and consents to the taking and/or use of photographs, motion pictures, videotape, television, and/or sound recordings to be used for the following purposes: Marketing, Public Relations, Publication, News Media, and Internet.  This consent shall release Bon Secours Baltimore Health System (which shall include any hospital affiliate of the System), its Board of Directors, employees of Bon Secours Baltimore Health System, and members of the Bon Secours Baltimore Health System Medical Staff from any and all liability in connection with the taking, use, publication or dissemination of such photographs, motion pictures, television, and/or sound recordings.

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