Welcome to the first annual Third Day Market Pumpkin Princess Pageant! Thank you for supporting our contestants and the Ashe Food Pantry, LLC by donating to vote. Even if you can't vote today, please help these girls by sharing with your friends on social networks.


The Third Day Market Pumpkin Princess Pageant is not a glitz and glam pageant, however, title winners will receive a crown, sash, and gift basket. There is only ONE winner per age category (a total of 6) and 1 people's choice winner.
The age brackets are as follows:

(0-2) Tiny Miss Pumpkin Princess

(3-4) Mini Miss Pumpkin Princess

(5) Little Miss Pumpkin Princess

(6-8) Junior Miss Pumpkin Princess

(9-13) Miss Pumpkin Princess

(14-18) Pumpkin Queen


One People's Choice Pumpkin Princess (all ages)



This is where you come in!

You are now voting for the People's Choice award! This goes to the (1) contestant who raise the most money for the organization. Family and friends can cast "votes" by donating here, or in person at Third Day Market. The People's Choice winner will receive the same recognition, crown, sash and gift basket as the other title winners.  Please feel free to share to social media, and invite friends and family to participate. The more we share this people's choice opportunity, the more money we can raise!
This fundraising event will take place at Third Day Market and 100% of proceeds go to support our friends over at the Ashe Food Pantry, LLC. 
We are happy to accept registration of immediate family members of Third Day Market employees. However, participants with connections to Third Day Market and our employees will not be eligible for a title.
Third Day Market reserves the right to separate and/or combine age categories once registration is closed and final participation numbers are counted.
For more information please email kaitlin@thirddaymarket.com