UPDATE 6/1/21 5:07PM EST from Deirdre 'Little Darling'- It has been brought to our attention that the contest page has been accepting donations/payments but hasn't been logging all of the votes in tandem. We are working with our webmaster to sort this out. We are very sorry for the confusion and hope to have this sorted out ASAP. As a result, we've extended the contest to allow for all of the glitches to be worked out on our end/the contest end but also to ensure that once we work out the glitches that people will still have time to get their votes to count and to vote with accurate results being visible. This is not something we anticipated having happen and are very sorry for any stress this may add. We hope 360 photo contest can help us fix this issue ASAP. Until then, please feel free to vote and know that your votes WILL count and will show correctly once we figure out why the contest page glitched, even if we have to hand count them on the back end, we will fix this. Thank you!



The rules are simple:

1. Have a blast voting for your favorites.

2. Tell your friends and fellow dog lovers to do the same!

You can vote as many times as you'd like for your favorite image(s) at a donation rate of $5 per vote. Have a ton of favorites? You can vote with your dollars but you can also share your favorite images with their links to your social channels to encourage more votes for your favorites! We'll be selecting 50% of the 2021 calendar images from the images with the highest votes.

Please share this FUN-draiser far and wide!  We are extremely excited to give our followers the opportunity to show us what they have loved the most about our past calendars!  This is your chance! And don't forget, as always, your donations help directly benefit Pinups for Pitbulls' mission.