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"1969 ford Torino "

Rank:  4
Votes:   146
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"Carlsen Vintage Modified 98"

Rank:  39
Votes:   6
/Images/uploads/Autism Society of North Carolina/AmeriCarnaLIVE/entries/15682.jpg View

Rank:  1
Votes:   216
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"1964 corvette"

Rank:  9
Votes:   57
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"Maher Bros. Dairy Truck"

Rank:  28
Votes:   13
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"Doc Hudson"

Rank:  39
Votes:   6
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"33 Hot Rod"

Rank:  37
Votes:   7
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"Weikert's Livestock 29 Sprint car"

Rank:  3
Votes:   183
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"The 63'"

Rank:  26
Votes:   16
/Images/uploads/Autism Society of North Carolina/AmeriCarnaLIVE/entries/15492.jpg View
"Clark Special"

Rank:  12
Votes:   40
/Images/uploads/Autism Society of North Carolina/AmeriCarnaLIVE/entries/15491.jpg View
"1972 Camaro Z28"

Rank:  30
Votes:   10
/Images/uploads/Autism Society of North Carolina/AmeriCarnaLIVE/entries/15489.jpg View
"C8 Corvette"

Rank:  39
Votes:   6
/Images/uploads/Autism Society of North Carolina/AmeriCarnaLIVE/entries/15457.jpg View
"Chevy Belair"

Rank:  30
Votes:   10
/Images/uploads/Autism Society of North Carolina/AmeriCarnaLIVE/entries/15389.jpg View
"Copper Camaro"

Rank:  23
Votes:   17

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