Local Heroes Photo Contest 

Submit a photo of your favorite Local Hero (First Responder) from LaPorte County

Vote and encourage your friends to vote for your Local Hero

3 Winners with the highest votes will receive price packages in late June. 18 top voted will be featured in an 18 month calendar available starting on July 3rd at the Local Heroes Benefit. 

Top 3 winners also receive additional donations to their department teams.

Proceeds go to support LaPorte County Sheriff, LaPorte City Police, LaPorte City Fire, and LaPorte County EMS

Please search submissions and TRY NOT TO DUPLICATE ENTRIES but to vote for existing submissions rather than resubmit the same local hero. 

Duplicate entries for the same local hero will be combined for votes prior to contest closing. K9 heroes submitted alone will be combined with their handler (when submitted) for combined total votes.