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Lisa Haferkamp
Rank: 3
Votes:  340
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AC Pressler
Rank: 7
Votes:  45
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Vincent Bowman
Rank: 9
Votes:  35
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Officer Drangmeister and Rambo
Rank: 11
Votes:  15
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Buddy Kasinger
Rank: 13
Votes:  5
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Mark Coulter
Rank: 10
Votes:  25
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Detective Michael Raymer
Rank: 6
Votes:  85
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Chief Adam Klimczak
Rank: 13
Votes:  5
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Deputy Andrew Morse and K9 Jäger
Rank: 1
Votes:  1074
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EMS Director Andrew McGuire
Rank: 5
Votes:  100
/Images/uploads/Bethany Lutheran Church/localheroes/entries/3690.jpg View
Fire Chief Andy Snyder
Rank: 4
Votes:  155
/Images/uploads/Bethany Lutheran Church/localheroes/entries/3685.jpg View
Deputy Greer and K9 Argo
Rank: 2
Votes:  341
/Images/uploads/Bethany Lutheran Church/localheroes/entries/3684.jpg View
Andrew Hahn
Rank: 8
Votes:  40
/Images/uploads/Bethany Lutheran Church/localheroes/entries/3683.jpg View
Sheriff John Boyd
Rank: 12
Votes:  10

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