Simple Rules to Follow!

  1. Have fun! Put on Christmas music, bring a thermos of cocoa, and assign a passenger to jot down your favorites.
  2. Drive slowly through neighborhoods and be aware of children playing.
  3. Do not block lanes of traffic, or stop in front of houses/businesses.
  4. Do not get out of your vehicle.
  5. In consideration of businesses and neighborhoods, only visit participants between 4 and 9 p.m. Dec. 1-28.
  6. Be considerate of neighbors, who need access to driveways and curb fronts. No beeping or flashing of headlights.
  7. When you vote online, please do it when you are safely parked.
  8. Drive safely!

How do I participate?

There are two ways to participate:

Either download the map Holiday Trail of Lights Map and drive around to all 70 locations to see for yourself the amazing light displays of businesses and residents! (Be sure to follow the rules listed above)


Don't live in the area but want to still see all of the incredible light displays and support their non profit partner?   View the Entries of this contest and begin voting for your favorites!


How your voting dollars will be distributed:

All voting dollars will be paid to the Town of Kennebunkport (yes it's tax deductible, so print the receipt that is emailed to you).  At the end of the contest, each site's votes will be tallied and the Town of Kennebunkport will distribute the funds to the site's Not for Profit business.  For example, if a site receives 100 votes, their Not For Profit will receive a check for $500 (less processing fees)!