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Rank: 1
Votes:  1005
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American Freedom
Rank: 2
Votes:  910
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Rank: 3
Votes:  899
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8147.jpg View
Country Pride
Rank: 4
Votes:  260
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8075.jpg View
American Jean
Rank: 5
Votes:  205
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8116.jpg View
A Horse in the Night Sky
Rank: 6
Votes:  200
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8141.jpg View
Saturday Morning at Betsy's
Rank: 7
Votes:  160
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7865.jpg View
Out of the Storm
Rank: 8
Votes:  150
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8091.jpg View
Barrel cactus in Joshua Tree
Rank: 9
Votes:  120
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8081.jpg View
Defending Our Shores
Rank: 10
Votes:  100
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8002.jpg View
Rank: 11
Votes:  70
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7988.jpg View
Not in My America
Rank: 12
Votes:  60
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8096.jpg View
Remembering the Fallen
Rank: 12
Votes:  60
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7856.jpg View
Respect, Beauty and Freedom
Rank: 14
Votes:  55
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8095.jpg View
America - Beauty in Diversity
Rank: 15
Votes:  45
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8142.jpg View
A Quiet 4th of July
Rank: 15
Votes:  45
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7447.jpg View
Safe Return
Rank: 17
Votes:  40
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8076.jpg View
United we STAND
Rank: 18
Votes:  30
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8105.jpg View
Kayak Sunset
Rank: 18
Votes:  30
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8111.jpg View
The American Expanse
Rank: 20
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7909.jpg View
Rank: 20
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7803.jpg View
Open Road
Rank: 20
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/7520.jpg View
Our Country's Defenders
Rank: 20
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8138.jpg View
Early Morning Trawler
Rank: 24
Votes:  20
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8102.jpg View
American Bison Roaming Free in Yellowstone
Rank: 24
Votes:  20
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8103.jpg View
View of Lake Sunset
Rank: 24
Votes:  20
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8097.jpg View
Early History
Rank: 27
Votes:  15
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8094.jpg View
All the Colors of the USA
Rank: 28
Votes:  10

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