Artists 18 years and older, currently residing in North Carolina.

Entry Fee and Registration

Contest entry is free and limited to two entries per artist

Requirements and Contest Rules

Artists may submit up to two entries that are completely original by the submitting artist and created after January 1, 2017.

All entries must be 16 x 20 or 11 x 14 inches in portrait format.

All art must have a patriotic expression.

Artists may use canvases, panels or appropriate paper for the medium of choice

The following mediums are acceptable - oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, reduction printing and mixed media. Photography will not be accepted.

Canvases must not be framed. All other artwork should be in clear protective sleeves.

Artists must submit a personal profile, the story behind their painting and a photograph of their painting(s).

When submitting the photograph, please ensure that the image is only of your painting, with no surrounding images or text.  For online voting and judging, your photograph will be resized to 600 x 750 (the same aspect ratio of your 16 x 20 or 11 x 14 painting).

Artists must ship or deliver their painting(s) to A Stroke of Patriotism no later than October 15th. Shipped artwork must be insured by the artist.

A Stroke of Patriotism is not responsible for damaged art.

The winning painting will be determined by a combination of online voting, attendee voting at the Fair Barn Event and the scores of a judge.

A silent auction will be held at the Fair Barn, featuring all entered paintings.  The artist who wins the Painting of the Year award agrees to sign and number thirty prints that will be sold by A Stroke of Patriotism.  The artist will receive 25% of the proceeds.

All artists grant permission to A Stroke of Patriotism to photograph and reproduce all donated art for publicity and fundraising purposes.  A Stroke of Patriotism reserves the right to refuse, remove, or reject any art.  Entry of art constitutes agreement with conditions described herein.