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Old Glory Waves over Four Generations
Rank: 35
Votes:  30
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One Nation
Rank: 13
Votes:  185
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Patriotic Heart
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
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The Power of the Eagle
Rank: 44
Votes:  15
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Can You See Me, Can You Hear Me?
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
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Flowers Bloom and Fade
Rank: 46
Votes:  10
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The Home Coming
Rank: 19
Votes:  110
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Amazing Grace and Beauty
Rank: 15
Votes:  170
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6077.JPG View
I Love Fireworks
Rank: 46
Votes:  10
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6070.jpg View
My Oath
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6068.jpg View
American Pastime
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6067.jpeg View
Sunday on Lake Pontchartrain (New Orleans)
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6066.JPG View
We Three Between Sky & Sea
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6065.jpg View
War Stories
Rank: 8
Votes:  385
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6061.jpg View
America the Beautiful
Rank: 28
Votes:  55
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6060.jpg View
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6059.jpg View
America - One Nation, Under God
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6057.jpg View
They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow
Rank: 38
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6055.jpg View
Rank: 46
Votes:  10
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6054.jpg View
American Eagle
Rank: 29
Votes:  50
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6048.jpg View
Free To Be
Rank: 19
Votes:  110
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6029.jpg View
Symbol of Excellence
Rank: 10
Votes:  329
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/6008.jpg View
Gone, but Not Forgotten
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5996.jpg View
Fly-Over State of Mind
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5995.jpg View
Rank: 7
Votes:  405
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5994.jpg View
Fifty Reasons Why
Rank: 43
Votes:  20
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5993.jpg View
Look, Daddy's Coat Fits
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5992.jpg View
Fourth of July
Rank: 22
Votes:  95

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