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"One Call Away"

Rank:  39
Votes:   0
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"Red, White, and Blue Skies"

Rank:  32
Votes:   5
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"A Horse in the Night Sky"

Rank:  6
Votes:   200
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"Early Morning Trawler"

Rank:  24
Votes:   20
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"Saturday Morning at Betsy's"

Rank:  7
Votes:   160
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"A Quiet 4th of July"

Rank:  15
Votes:   45
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"Country Pride"

Rank:  4
Votes:   260
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"Sounds of Freedom"

Rank:  28
Votes:   10
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8159.jpg View

Rank:  3
Votes:   899
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8160.jpg View
"Grand Old Flag"

Rank:  39
Votes:   0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/myamerica/entries/8174.jpg View
"Pink Dogwood"

Rank:  39
Votes:   0

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