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Star Spangled Stamps
Rank: 38
Votes:  25
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One Nation Under God
Rank: 29
Votes:  50
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4th of July Spectacular
Rank: 29
Votes:  50
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Courage, Strength and Sacrifice
Rank: 25
Votes:  70
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Tea for Three
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
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Did Someone Say Ice Cream?
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
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Rank: 12
Votes:  275
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5956.jpg View
Frozen in Time
Rank: 21
Votes:  100
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5933.jpg View
Colors of the USA
Rank: 38
Votes:  25
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5916.jpg View
Rank: 11
Votes:  315
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5909.jpg View
Forget Me Not
Rank: 46
Votes:  10
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5883.jpg View
Rank: 1
Votes:  1218
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5841.jpg View
All Gave Some - Some Gave All
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5840.jpg View
Land of the Free - Home of the Brave
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5832.jpg View
BEFORE 9/11/2001
Rank: 26
Votes:  65
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5817.jpeg View
Eagle and Flag
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5816.jpeg View
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5809.jpg View
Oh How We Loved You, Glenn Miller
Rank: 6
Votes:  705
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5808.jpg View
July 4th, 1779
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5806.jpg View
Patriotic Sunflower
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5804.jpg View
A Little Dose of Freedom
Rank: 46
Votes:  10
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5802.jpg View
Patriotic Bouquet
Rank: 44
Votes:  15
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5795.jpg View
My Stars and Stripes
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5790.jpg View
Hydrangea Boots
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5785.jpg View
My Heart Belongs to You
Rank: 32
Votes:  45
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5774.jpg View
Blue Water Awaits
Rank: 27
Votes:  60
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5772.jpg View
When Are You Coming Home?
Rank: 14
Votes:  180
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5759.jpg View
American Fur Baby
Rank: 51
Votes:  5

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