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Patriotic Pig
Rank: 17
Votes:  120
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All American
Rank: 4
Votes:  810
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United We Stand
Rank: 18
Votes:  115
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The Joy of Freedom
Rank: 69
Votes:  0
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Storm the beach
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
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My Name is Annie
Rank: 16
Votes:  160
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American Beauty
Rank: 35
Votes:  30
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Sunrise of Freedom
Rank: 34
Votes:  35
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Patriot's Star
Rank: 24
Votes:  90
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Their Sacrifice
Rank: 9
Votes:  372
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In God We Trust
Rank: 32
Votes:  45
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Father Vincent Capodanno
Rank: 5
Votes:  755
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Liberty Ladies
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
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American Made
Rank: 38
Votes:  25
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Home of the Free, Because of the Brave
Rank: 38
Votes:  25
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Rank: 35
Votes:  30
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God Given Unalienable Rights
Rank: 3
Votes:  965
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/5218.jpg View
Freedom Spined
Rank: 22
Votes:  95
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Star Spangled Barn
Rank: 51
Votes:  5
/Images/uploads/A Stroke of Patriotism/patrioticexpressions/entries/4995.jpg View
Never without your Tags
Rank: 2
Votes:  1131

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